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Age-specific ministries

We believe that every generation has a unique role to play in the Kingdom of God, so we have developed age-appropriate ministries to address the unique nature of discipling future generations.

Cute Baby Crawling

Birth-3 years

The Family Room

We understand the challenge that it is to attend church with your baby or toddler. Little ones are often noisy, which makes it a struggle to be in the service with others. At the same time, it may be a challenge to feel comfortable dropping your child off at a nursery.

That's why we've created the Family Room. It's a space where parents of babies and toddlers can let their children play to their heart's content while still being able to see and hear what's happening in the service.

Ordering Pizza

6th-12th Grade

Vineyard Youth

The Junior High and High School years are formational times for our youth. They are discovering who they are in the world and in relationship to Jesus. It's often at this stage of life where youth are making decisions around faith that will shape their future.

Vineyard Youth is a space for students to engage with each other around faith while they are directed by a pastor and other leaders. 

Kids in Church

3 years-5th Grade

Kids Ministry

Our kids stay in the sanctuary for musical worship because we believe it is important for them to learn to worship.


The kids leave with their teachers during the message. Kids ministry involves an age-appropriate lesson, a fun game, a craft, and a snack. 

You can check your kid in before the service at the Kid's Check-in. All of our volunteers are fully background checked, and we follow stringent child-safety protocols.  

Image by Brooke Cagle


CCO at Vineyard Altoona

College is a challenging time of life where many students are on their own for the first time and are being presented with many new ideas to wrestle with. It's in college where many students will make decisions about faith that will guide the rest of their lives. 

For this reason, college ministry is really important. CCO at Vineyard Altoona is our college-age ministry. Get connected to college events by emailing Evan Kephart at

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