Life Groups

Sunday worship gatherings are a great start to living a life following Jesus. But what about the rest of the week? 

Life Groups exist to help you live your whole life as a faithful follower of Jesus. Life Groups are smaller expressions of the same community that exists on Sunday morning. These groups allow you to get to know people at a deeper level. They also provide context to help live your whole life as a follower of Jesus in the world. These groups meet in homes, coffee shops, restaurants, and all sorts of places.

Currently, all of our Life Groups are going through the Alpha course. The video below will give you a look at it!

Life Groups (1).png

How do I get connected? 

Life Groups run in 10-week cycles to provide natural beginnings and endings. This allows you to try a group for a reasonable period of time without feeling stuck. Cycles run January-March, April-May, and September-November.

If you'd like to connect to a Life Group, you can complete this form. Vineyard Altoona staff will reach out to you to help you get connected!